Title Indexing

For the accomplishment of business goals set by different clients we extend Title Indexing related services up to the minute turnkey solutions. It is a great accomplishment for us that we have established ourselves in this area and our consistent efforts have been appreciated by many of the leading corporations in countries like U.S.A. We are into this industry of mortgage and title for over several years and with our proficient contribution many corporates have excelled in their business and reached to heights of success. Whenever it is concern with our services, we are strictly focused on maintaining a high standard of quality. Thus, we are successfully delivering a high level of accurate services to our clients. It is our unwavering commitment for work without errors that has empowered us to render high quality services to our clients. This has led us to become the most profitable names in this industry.
At Title Indexing Services, we certainly understand the complexity of the nature of our clients' businesses and so dedicate our resources in providing high end title plant indexing services for our clients in the real estate industry and mortgage services industry. So we commit our resources in delivering a high quality title plant indexing business for our clients who are into the industry of real estate and mortgage services.
A title is defined as an abstract concept which indicates one or more individuals who are in the list of the title and owns the property. State laws changes when considering the exact procedures for effectively recording title to property; however, major number of states agrees that for an owner to hold valid title there must be record of each transfer of title in a county recorder's office. The validity of the title to the property which a seller holds should be confirmed before you purchase a property. A title insurance company will give a search for the title index of the property and will charge for this, or else the title index can be obtained by visiting a county recorder's office.
Swift offers the low-price service in the most effective way in contrast to local title agencies (50% Savings). Our searching method is of shortest kind of which can be completed within 24 hours.
SWIFT Property Title Search service provides a very appropriate and fastest way of securing oneself from buying a shady property. The property address has to be entered into the form above and registration instructions has to be followed

Title Commitment Typing:

Our Commitment Typing consists of:

  1. Document review and typing.
  2. Tax status search and typing.
  3. Commitment preparation.
  4. Document search and retrieval.
  5. Title Plant development and maintenance.
  6. Mortgage files post-closing audits.
  7. Hazard policy tracking.
  8. On-line real estate market research/mail list preparation.
  9. UCC database maintenance.

Document review and typing

Preparation of reports which includes Owners and Encumbrance, Foreclosure, Legal/Vesting, tax, lien, judgments, etc., The abstractor notes and attached documents are being reviewed by experienced staff which is then verified for the chain of title, name and legal description stability, and document precision. Whatever the problems are it is being accelerated to the abstractor for rectification. To maintain the accuracy the data is typed via online systems, XML, or proprietary formats. TAT is observed to be 2 hours or less.

Tax search and typing

For the assessment of data the online search, phone calls, and fax/mail to tax jurisdictions is being done and current/delinquent tax status, tax sales, parcel changes, verify addresses, or clients’ search documents are being sent for fast and precise typing.

Commitment preparation

The comprehensive review and capture of essential data for commitments – easements, encumbrances, restrictions, tax status, and other conditions are done for the commitment report.

Document retrieval

New recorded documents, releases, assignments, tax payments, etc. are being searched online to support clients’ abstract and review. Document recording or monitor updates are confirmed which also includes tax payments, delinquent sales.

Plant development and maintenance

The title plant database are being developed and maintained with day-forward posting for all document types (real and personal property, courts/liens, commercial UCC) according to clients’ specifications. Data is then verified by comparing with the local databases of subdivisions/surveys, lot/block/unit ranges, document types, and names. It is being provided with all names and geographical indexes.

Document preparation, scanning, and quality review

Sequence file numbers, illegible or damaged images, missing pages are corrected. All pages for the document or linking are stapled for the retrieval of full document and related document.

On-line real estate market research/mail list preparation

To extract new data about property sales and transactions which includes newly recorded mortgages, deeds, liens, etc. for preparing lists of direct mails and sales calls, the public document web sites are being reviewed daily.

Hazard policy tracking

Data from renewals, cancellations, past-due notices, reinstatements, deletion of interest, etc. are being received and captured.

Mortgage file post-closing audits

The loan documents are reviewed in detail to evaluate the status that files are complete, properly dated, and signed as per requirements. The Files are to be indexed as per the document type, duplicate copies are deleted and multi-page documents are stapled and the required files which are missing reported.

UCC database maintenance/retrieval

Commercial lien registrations are being indexed or searched for credit checks and to know the status of lien/release.

Title Search Services extends

  1. Current Owner Search.
  2. Two Owner Search.
  3. Full Search.
  4. Update Search.
  5. Deed Search.
  6. Open Mortgage Search.
  7. Liens & Judgments search.
  8. Latest Tax Status for the property.
  9. Bankruptcy Search.

Current Owner Search

  • It is type of search in which the particulars of the existing title holder of the concern property and the updated deed with consideration is being searched.
  • Search id done from current date to backwards manner.
  • It will extract details such as Vesting Deed, Current Tax status, county assessment information, open mortgages, judgments, liens, and legal description.
  • This search basically involves origination of Home Equity transactions, short sale, foreclosure auctions, and pre-tax auctions.
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Two Owner Search

  • In the chain of title of the subject property the last two owners are considered for the search.
  • Searching is done from the current date to passed date.
  • The details which will be captured are vesting Deed, county open mortgages, current Tax status, assessment information, judgments, liens, and legal description.
  • This kind of search is commonly done for origination of Home Equity transactions, foreclosure auctions, short sale, and pre-tax auctions.

Full Search

  • It is based on full detailed title search of current and previous owners.
  • All the names in the chain of title should be included in the search and for all current and past owners the liens and judgments should be reported. The names compulsorily run for general liens, such as judgments and federal tax liens, for the full statutory period which is applicable for the state.
  • In addition to this all the defects, liens, and encumbrances which were revealed in the search specifically referred to in the documents must be stated as exceptions, till they are being properly eliminated.
  • It includes searches related to resolutions and ordinances that affect real property and property lien, easements, CC & Rs-covenants, conditions and restrictions, agreements.
  • With additional pricing we also search for the historical details for up to 50 years.

Update Search

  • Since the date of the last search to the current date, an update search is also being performed on the subject property.
  • A report is provided on all the documents posted and recorded during the period.
  • This search is performed just before the closing.

Deed Search

  • To Check the Full Value Deed to Start the Search, and to provide Chain of Title.

Mortgage & Deed of Trust:

  • To Check Open Mortgages / Deed of Trust which is related to given property, and Additional Document which include Assignment, Modification, Subordination, Substitution of Trustee, and upload the search docs in the file.

Judgments search

  • It is checked by visiting the site www.lexisnexis.com whether the borrowers have any Judgments against them and then the searched docs are being uploaded the in the file.

Liens search

  • It basically verifies if any closed lien is being displayed on title and request for release/ Paid in full letter. Request judgment remunerations.

Latest Tax Status for the property

  • We offer complete solutions for insured and uninsured products on real estate Tax information with extensive coverage in the United States and within quick turn times.

Bankruptcy Search

  • By using a site the PACER we check whether the borrower has been booked for any case of bankruptcy and then the searched docs are uploaded in the file.